Travelers initially began as two separate companies: Travelers and the St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co. The first Travelers policy was sold in 1864 for 2 cents. In 1855, St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co. paid its first claim when a fire spread from a bakery to a row of offices. Fast forward to 2004 and the two companies merged to create The St. Paul Travelers Cos.. In 2007, the company changed its name to The Travelers Cos. Today, Travelers has 30,000 employees serving customers for personal, business and specialty insurance.
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Average annual rate for good drivers:
Average annual rate for drivers with a speeding ticket:
Complaint level:
Very Low
  • Great price for loan/lease gap insurance at around $39 per year.
  • Good average auto rates for drivers with a DUI on their records compared to top competitors.
  • Offers accident forgiveness and also minor violation forgiveness.
  • Offers a usage-based insurance program (IntelliDrive), which may get safe drivers a good-sized discount.
  • Rates are on the high side for adding a teen driver to your policy.
  • Offers rideshare insurance, but only in a couple of states.
  • Travelers’ bundling discount for buying both auto and home insurance is on the low end at only 10%.
Grade from Collision Repair Professionals:
Accident Forgiveness:
New Car Replacement:
Gap Insurance:
Diminishing Deductible:
Usage-Based Insurance:
Pay-Per-Mile Insurance:
  • Multi-policy discount. Save as much as 13% on your auto insurance premium when you buy homeowners insurance or condo insurance or another insurance policy from Travelers.
  • Multi-car discount for insuring more than one car with Travelers.
  • Home ownership discount if you own your house or condo, even if it’s insured by a different company.
  • Safe driver discount for Travelers customers who have had no accidents, traffic violations or major comprehensive claims in the household in the past three to five years.
Pick best insurance company in just 5 minutes

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