Cash Spot USA Diversity

At CashSpotUSA, we are dedicated to fostering diversity and professional equality within our organization. In accordance with the Avenir law of September 6, 2018, we are committed to preventing discrimination against employees based on their gender, race, color, religion, or nationality.

CashSpotUSA is committed to promoting workplace diversity and gender equality. Our aim is to bridge the pay gap between men and women by encouraging a diverse and inclusive workplace and providing leadership development opportunities for all employees. According to the gender equality index, which measures gender disparities in the workplace, CashSpotUSA has scored 89 out of 100, based on the methodology outlined by French legislation.

The index comprises four indicators that assess gender inequality in the company. These indicators collectively determine the overall score out of 100. They are:

  1. Wage gaps: We measure the difference in median monthly and annual earnings between men and women.
  2. Individual differences in pay raises based on full-time or part-time schedules: We evaluate whether male and female employees receive equal pay raises, regardless of their employment status.
  3. Percentage of women employees receiving a raise upon returning from maternity leave: We track the number of women who receive pay raises after returning from parental leave to ensure that they are not penalized for taking time off work.
  4. Number of employees of the underrepresented gender among the ten highest paid: We assess the gender ratio in our company and seek lending partners with a higher proportion of female employees in senior positions.

We recognize that gender inequality can have a detrimental impact on employee satisfaction and organizational productivity. Therefore, we are committed to reducing the pay gap between men and women by implementing practical policies that promote women’s career advancement. We offer maternity leave and childcare services to enable employees to balance their personal and professional lives, as well as flexible work schedules.

Moreover, we provide training for our managers to handle gender-related issues effectively in the workplace. As we continue to expand our business, we will maintain our commitment to promoting diversity and gender equality at all levels of our organization.

We look forward to working with all our stakeholders to build a more inclusive and equitable workplace for everyone.