Safeco was founded in 1923 in Seattle as the General Insurance Co. of America and was nicknamed The General. Eventually, the company adopted the Safeco name (standing for Selective Auto and Fire Insurance Co. of America) and abandoned The General nickname. Liberty Mutual purchased Safeco in 2008. Safeco is a Liberty Mutual company that offers an array of personal and commercial insurance products.
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Average annual rate for good drivers:
Average annual rate for drivers with a speeding ticket:
Complaint level:
  • Offers benefits that can be good after an accident, such as new car replacement and accident forgiveness.
  • Has a usage-based auto insurance option (RightTrack) that could bring insurance savings to good drivers.
  • Offers claims-free discount and vanishing deductible for qualifying safe drivers.
  • Offers rideshare insurance for drivers of companies such as Uber or Lyft.
  • Auto insurance complaints against Safeco are higher than the industry average.
  • Customer satisfaction scores are much lower than most we competitors evaluated.
  • Claims handling scores are lower than the industry average.
Grade from Collision Repair Professionals:
Accident Forgiveness:
New Car Replacement:
Gap Insurance:
Diminishing Deductible:
Usage-Based Insurance:
Pay-Per-Mile Insurance:
  • Claims-free discount. If you go claims-free over a six-month period, Safeco will send you a check covering 2.5% of your policy premium. You can receive up to 5% of your premium each year under this benefit.
  • Diminishing deductible. When you maintain a clean driving record, your deductible will be reduced by $50 for a six-month auto policy or $100 for an annual auto policy at every renewal. The maximum benefit is five years or $500.
  • Safe driving course discount. When you complete an accident prevention course, you’re eligible for a premium discount.
  • Vehicle safety features. If your car is equipped with certain safety features, for example, anti-lock brakes, Safeco might give you a discount.
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