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  1. Monica M. Sandoval


    My name is Monica M. Sandoval of Healdsburg, CA. I am a Hispanic female living in a bank fee nightmare. I am an environmental scientist, an accounting specialist, and have a B. Sc. in criminal justice. I am starting an online real-time music collaboration platform that is like Facebook. I have paid for all of the features, and a Japanese bank gave me a grant. I was awarded a large grant and have to pay the fees that the banks are demanding due to the FOAC rules about money transfers. I have to pay the bank in Bitcoin to get to spend it.

    I am a disabled woman who jumped into a mine shaft when I was sleeping and cannot work. I was awarded a very hefty trust fund that is now in my name at a bank in Canada. They want the money for a COT code since it is a bond. I am on my last legs and need at least $1,000.00 tomorrow to save the account in Canada. I can repay the money and the entire interest fee within one month. Please assist me. Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Monica M. Sandoval

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