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$300 Dollar Loan Direct Lender

It is sad to admit, but the fact is that we are living through some very hard times from the point of economics. Therefore a lot of people in the US do not have any money savings that they can spend in case of an emergency.

That is why a lot of people started to use cash advance loans or payday loans. They are popular because it is hard to get a usual loan through a bank account due to the fact that you must have a good credit score for it, for people with a score below 650 loan approval rate is very low.

Exactly for these people payday loans exist, and one of the easiest bad credit loans to qualify for is the so-called 300 loan. A 300 dollar loan allows people with poor credit scores to borrow money in case of necessity. 


$300 loans have a lot of pros especially for the people who cannot qualify for a personal loan at the bank. Firstly, a 300 payday loan does not require much paperwork, moreover, you can even get a $300 loan fully online without the need to go to loan lenders' offices.

The next advantage is the speed, meaning that it takes much less time to consider your loan request form, in some cases, you would get your money within one business day. In the case of online short-term loans, it can be mere hours. The reason for that is simple, payday lenders require fewer documents and they are not as precise with credit history as conventional banks. Also, they would not check your whole employment history.

And the main advantage of such loans is the fact that most lenders either do not check credit history at all or give emergency expenses credits for people with low scores on purpose.

Loan Flaws

Despite all the pros of the 300 loans they also have huge disadvantages, the main of which being extremely high-interest rates, that are necessary for lenders because otherwise, they would not be able to guarantee that the loan will be returned. Also, they have high fees, which means that the client will face very high loan costs.

How to receive

If despite all the risks you decide to make a loan application here is what you may need.

  • Driver license or ID

  • Phone number and Email

  • Valid bank account

  • Proof of sufficient funds.

Also, remember that in case of misuse by the lender you may report it to the consumer financial protection bureau.

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